“Inspired by Zanotta's classic 'Giotto' stool, which celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2015, I proposed a new design for a wooden stool based on my earlier work with the company. 

'Ivo' is a simple and robust stool made of natural oak or walnut with strengthening steel cross-wires. I was looking for a technical element contrasting the wood which is functional but also adds character. The bracing metal connection is finished in various colors and connects the wooden legs to form a sturdy, long-lasting product. 

Zanotta later asked me to design a higher version for use in bars and restaurants. We called this high stool 'Ido' to accompany his little brother, Ivo. After experimenting with the steel wire connection, I came to the conclusion that a simple triangle would fit the purpose of a stiff foot rest best. Therefore I kept it unpainted in natural stainless steel.”

Zanotta spa
via Vittorio Veneto, 57
20834 Nova Milanese, Mb